Arnaud BODENAN wrote:
> - I get a long list of error messages 'registering pdu failed: 263!'

At least three of them should be related to the (implicit) registration of the
three root oids (.1, .2, .3) which the master agent already has registered for
itself. Ignore those. Here's a log snippet from an IRC discussion on this back then:

- --- snip ---
(08:38:00) tanders: rstory: what is/was the reason for the "registering pdu
failed: 263!" error for subagents in 5.2.2?
(08:53:15) rs: duplicate registration of the .1, .2 and .3 root oids
(09:28:37) tanders: is there a way around this? I don't like to see this on
every startup
(09:58:26) rs: tanders: i dunno.. i don't like to muck about with the
registration code..
(09:59:39) rs: you could hard code a check right before the registration is sent
to the master, and supress it iff oidlen == 1 and context == NULL
(10:00:53) rs: although, in theory, the master might not support *any* mibs...
(10:04:09) dts12/dave: I don't think it matters whether the master supports any
MIBs or not. The root registrations don't provide any information, so shouldn't
propogate through to the master agent.
(10:04:31) rs: what if the sub wants *all* requests..
(10:05:10) dts12/dave: Hmmmm.... that's a slightly different situation from the
framework registrations.
(10:05:21) dts12/dave: Perhaps register those at a lower priority?
(10:05:40) dts12/dave: Or register them *before* setting up the AgentX link?
(Don't know if that's feasible)
(10:06:32) rs: i wonder what would happen if they weren't registered at all for
a subagent...
(10:08:56) dts12/dave: Report back when you've found out :-)
(10:09:40) rs: heh.. don't hold your breath!
- --- snap ---


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