On 05/09/06, Arnaud BODENAN wrote:
> To see if I reproduce the same problem with the latest version of
> net-snmp, I try my sample with net-snmp v5.3.1 (instead of v.5.0.11).

Very sensible.

> The problems I'm facing now are:
> - the index retrieved with register_int_index is always -1
> - I get a long list of error messages 'registering pdu failed: 263!'

Oh! :-(

> Any suggestions?

I think you'll probably need to turn on some debugging output and/or
run either the master or subagent under a debugger to find out exactly
what's going on.
I don't have access to the source just at the moment, but have a
look at the code file 'agent_registry.c', and turn on some of the
debug tokens mentioned there. That might reveal why the registration
and/or index allocation calls are failing.


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