On 24/08/06, Dominique bastien wrote:
> the explaination of the mask is not
> clear and the padding that you add at the end (the
> five bit set to 0) to make the thing work is not
> obvious.

OK - I follow you know.
(I can't believe that I didn't spot the obvious shift in the two bit patterns.
Engage brain before responding, Dave!)

I've tweaked the man page description to try and address this.
Is the following text any more helpful?

MASK is a list of hex octets (optionally separated by '.' or
':') with the set bits indicating which subidentifiers in the
view OID to match against. If not specified, this defaults to
matching the OID exactly (all bits set), thus defining a simple
OID subtree. So:
view iso1 included .iso 0xf0
view iso2 included .iso
view iso3 included .iso.org.dod.mgmt 0xf0

would all define the same view, covering the whole of the
'iso(1)' subtree.

More usefully, the mask can be used to define a view covering a
particular row (or rows) in a table, by matching against the
appropriate table index value, but skipping the column

view ifRow4 included . 0xffa0

Feel free to suggest any changes or additions.


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