I've just checked the status of the various RFVs that have been issued
for 5.4.1.
Summary as follows:

rfv: Patch 1728247 long long vs int64_t
+4 - Applied
Outstanding issue re: HAVE_UINT64_T

rfv: install embedded perl files with mode 644
+5 - Applied

rfv: remove asserts with undefined string comparisons
+2 on latest patch

rfv: stop looking for config dirs when done
+6 - not yet applied

rfv: Fix ordering of agent include statements
+4 less a bit
3-4 hours voting still to run

rfv: snmpNotifyFilterTable
Release .zip instead

rfv: patch to fix make clean
Use "libtool rm" instead.
Awaiting formal patch

rfv: don't delete interface entry w/scan errors
+3, sorta +4
3-4 hours voting still to run

The main items still requiring attention are the latest version of the
assertion patch, and whatever we plan to do with "make clean".
Comments on HAVE_UINT64_T would be useful too, but I
suggest we leave that to the discretion of the Release Manager.


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