On 03/07/07, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> >>>>> "MC" == Mitsuru Chinen writes:

> MC> Patch 1728247 is created under recognition where the SIZEOF_LONG_LONG
> ...
> MC> I'd like to call for votes to include it in 5.4.1.
> +1 and applied to V5-4-patches and V5-3-patches.

Also applied to V5-2-patches and main development trunk.

However, I've spotted one minor flaw in :

#ifndef HAVE_UINT64_T
#ifdef HAVE_U_INT64_T
typedef u_int64_t uint64_t;
#elif defined(INT64_T)
typedef unsigned INT64_T uint64_t;
#define HAVE_UINT64_T 1

This block will end up defining the token HAVE_UINT64_T,
even if neither of the internal tests match (and hence the
type "uint64_t" isn't actually defined!)

Shouldn't the line
#define HAVE_UINT64_T 1
be moved into the two relevant blocks?


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