On tor, 2007-07-05 at 11:35 -0700, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> >>>>> "DS" == Dave Shield writes:

> DS> -1
> DS> a) This feels a very clunky way of addressing the problem
> DS> If nothing else, this would be better handled by the local
> DS> Makefile, rather than wildcarded from the top.
> I'm not sure you've looked at the problem. Cause there aren't many good
> solutions.
> The only way to truly properly fix it would be to have configure
> construct a list of sub-directories under which a .libs directory may be
> built. Since I was unwilling to do that, I opted for the simpler
> solution: having the highest level Makefile (which is in
> agent/mibgroup/; note the comment above patch; it's not for the top
> level Makefile) remove the .libs directories from everything below it
> using a wild card.
> IE:
> a1) it is from the local makefile. Or the most local there could be
> (the patch is for agent/mibgroup/Makefile.in; see original post)
> a2) the alternative is a much more nasty configure change
> DS> b) The "make clean" target should be removing the .libs
> DS> directory anyway
> We're doing this already:
> # grep .libs */Makefile | grep rm
> agent/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
> apps/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
> local/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
> man/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
> mibs/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
> snmplib/Makefile: rm -rf .libs

Hm. Wouldn't using

libtool --mode=clean rm -f

as rm command be even nicer? It have the advantage of automatically
handling the .libs directories.


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