On tor, 2007-07-05 at 08:03 -0700, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> >>>>> "DS" == Dave Shield writes:

> DS> The contents of 'snmp-notification-mib/snmpNotifyFilterTable/*'
> DS> should be moved into 'notification' (alongside the other tables
> DS> from the same MIB). This allows these files to be extracted
> DS> from the tarball correctly, and the VC++ build to run successfully.

Ok, then I will chime in.

* +1 to 'mv snmp-notification-mib/snmpNotifyFilterTable/*
* +1 to offering a .zip

My motivation for snmp-notification-mib is that I think rstory do have a
point in beeing able to find the reimplementations and since
notification/ already contains an implementaton of the mib I think it is
good to separate them.


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