>>>>> "DS" == Dave Shield writes:

DS> -1

DS> a) This feels a very clunky way of addressing the problem
DS> If nothing else, this would be better handled by the local
DS> Makefile, rather than wildcarded from the top.

I'm not sure you've looked at the problem. Cause there aren't many good

The only way to truly properly fix it would be to have configure
construct a list of sub-directories under which a .libs directory may be
built. Since I was unwilling to do that, I opted for the simpler
solution: having the highest level Makefile (which is in
agent/mibgroup/; note the comment above patch; it's not for the top
level Makefile) remove the .libs directories from everything below it
using a wild card.


a1) it is from the local makefile. Or the most local there could be
(the patch is for agent/mibgroup/Makefile.in; see original post)

a2) the alternative is a much more nasty configure change

DS> b) The "make clean" target should be removing the .libs
DS> directory anyway

We're doing this already:

# grep .libs */Makefile | grep rm
agent/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
apps/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
local/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
man/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
mibs/Makefile: rm -rf .libs
snmplib/Makefile: rm -rf .libs

Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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