On tor, 2007-07-05 at 14:02 +0100, Dave Shield wrote:
> The convenience header file
> can be used to load all the agent-related API declarations, as well as the
> agent configuration settings (USING_XXX).
> These config header files (mib_module_config.h & agent_module_config.h)
> are read in *after* the API header files. However one of the API header files
> (net-snmp/agent/snmp_vars.h) relies on one of these config settings
> [Originally reported by Mark Atwood]
> Proposal:
> The two config header files should be read in *before* the API header files:

While I agree with that I think the method is bad - if some header
depends on some other header then the depending header should include
the needed other header, thus I propose that


should be added to


if this is the path we should go.

Now that I have said that I think the real fix here should be to make
sure that the netsnmp_enable_subagent always is present, regardless of
what options the user gives at configure time, and then remove the
#ifdef. This also has the benefit of not creating two incompatible
libnetsnmpagent.so.20 versions.


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