On 05/07/07, Need Help wrote:
> Yes, this is how I understood Robert's explanation as well ..... however,
> after performing the following steps, I notice ".o" and ".lo" files still
> exist:
> 1) do fresh install of NetSNMP-v5.4
> 2) configure ....
> 3) make (results in errors being produced)
> 4) make clean

It's impossible to tell what might be happening from that description.

Can I suggest the following:

a) Unpack the NetSNMP-v5.4 archive, and cd into this directory
b) run "find . -name \*o"
(which should return nothing)
c) run configure (with whatever options are appropriate)
d) run " make 2>&1 | tee __make.log"
e) run " make clean 2>&1 | tee __clean.log"
f) run " find . -name \*o > __object.log"

Then post the three __xxx.log files (as attachments, not inline).

That would at least give sufficient information for us to see what
might be happening.


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