How does one go about fixing this, if he's right? Re-open the MIB?

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On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 04:02:21PM -0600, Bruce Shaw wrote:
> I think I found the problem.
> Very large ZFS file systems cannot be properly represented by the
> statvfs structure.
> 2798cdbda87e69dd34?bug_id=6468905

That's certainly a bug, but it's not the one I hit.

> What net-snmp forum did you originally report this on?

I reported it as bug 1743171 on Sourceforge. After researching it
some more I realized that the bug is in the hrStorage MIB definition -
they use an Integer32 for the disk size, and since the disk size is
in units of hrStorageAllocationUnits, which on Solaris ZFS is 512 bytes,
any file system larger than 1099511627264 bytes will cause a negative
value to appear in hrStorageSize. A smart client can deal with the
by adding 2^32 to any negative values found in hrStorageSize, but that
only gets us to filesystems of 2199023255040 bytes. After that, the
current hrStorage MIB is useless, unless the agent fudges the
hrStorageAllocationUnits to be larger so that it can provide a number
within the Integer32. I'd like to know why the hrStorage MIB designers
thought filesystem size should be represented by a signed value...

The dskTable MIB is similarly affected. But someone is working on that
see bug 1445722 and patch 1523452.

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