The convenience header file
can be used to load all the agent-related API declarations, as well as the
agent configuration settings (USING_XXX).

These config header files (mib_module_config.h & agent_module_config.h)
are read in *after* the API header files. However one of the API header files
(net-snmp/agent/snmp_vars.h) relies on one of these config settings

[Originally reported by Mark Atwood]

The two config header files should be read in *before* the API header files:

--- include/net-snmp/agent/net-snmp-agent-includes.h (revision 16513)
+++ include/net-snmp/agent/net-snmp-agent-includes.h (working copy)
@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@

@@ -16,7 +19,4 @@



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