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On Wed, 4 Jul 2007 10:48:27 -0700 Navaneetham wrote:
N> In some of the time our HW is generating alarms with in sort period of
N> time.
N> Did duplicate trap is known issue or what? Please let me know where to
N> put a debug message to corner out this issue?

First, you can run both the agent and the subagent with debug enabled, and
enable the 'agentx' token. Also enable time stamps. You can do this for both
by adding to your snmp.conf (NOT snmpd.conf):

doDebugging 1
debugTokens agentx,trap
logTimestamp true

Then run your subagent and make it send exactly 100 traps. Once the debug
output has settled down, compress the output from both and post a link to
somewhere we can download them from (ftp/http).

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