On 05/07/07, Thomas Anders wrote:
> I'm *very* hesitant to start a major rename during RC mode

It's a little unfair to describe my proposal as a "major rename".
I suggested moving three code files - that was all.

> IIRC it's also the first time
> this problem has been reported,

back in May

> so there certainly are Win32 tools out
> there that do play well with the archive.

I'm sure there are.
But there are also tools out there that break.

Historically, the policy of this project has been to (try and) provide
as robust a package as possible - if only to avoid users having to
ask for help on the mailing lists, etc. I'd much rather ship code
that works on as wide a range of systems as possible - we should
adapt to external requirements (where feasible) rather than the
other way round.

I *really* didn't expect this proposal to receive such a barrage of
opposition. Consider it withdrawn.


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