Marcus Rueckert wrote:
> i still remember the problems with subversion releases and certain tar
> implementations.

Why is that in any way specific to *subversion* releases? *Our* earlier
problem (at CVS time) was with non-portable archives produced by GNU tar
(causing problem when unpacking with some *nix vendor tar implementations).

> i would say windows and zip is a more natural fit than
> windows and tar.gz/tar.bz2

Exactly. I'm *very* hesitant to start a major rename during RC mode just
because a particular version of WinZip doesn't play well with an archive
that any *nix tar can unpack just fine. IIRC it's also the first time
this problem has been reported, so there certainly are Win32 tools out
there that do play well with the archive.

+1 on offering the source as an alternative zip archive or
self-extracting exe instead.


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