Magnus Fromreide wrote:
> Could you please provide an example that shows the problem as I fail to
> reproduce it.
> /MF

I am sorry, I made bad conclusions, I understood wrongly.
for (vp = pdu->variables, i = VPCACHE_SIZE - 1; vp;
vp = vp->next_variable, i--) {
// i thought that in this place 'if' statement prevent to leave 'for' cycle
if (i < 0) {
wrapped = notdone = 1;
DEBUGMSGTL(("snmp_pdu_realloc_rbuild", "wrapped\n"));
vpcache[i] = vp;

This code was for me hard to understand.
I have small experience in the programming.
I think that this code is optimal.

Aleksandr Lomanov
ICQ: 170411676

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