On ons, 2007-06-27 at 13:13 -0700, Need Help wrote:
> I think the way the structures are being initialized looks odd to
> me ....

It is the C99 way of doing struct initialization.
That said it is wrong in this context, please try out the 5.4.1
prerelease where this bug is fixed.

> Need Help wrote:
> I am trying to compile NetSNMP 5.4 into my build environment
> using our "mipsel-uclibc-g++" compiler, however, compiler
> errors are being generated in the "snmpUDPDomain.c" file.

As Thomas said, why?
If the problem is your build people again then I suppose the -x c option
could be of use.

> I searched for this error on the internet and found that the
> code was inserted as part of a patch I think. Please see the
> email attached to this post for the description of the code
> inserted. Perhaps I am the first one trying to compile this
> code with the g++ compiler?

No, you are not the first one trying this. It fails.

The intention is that the snmplib directory should be written in the
common subset of C and C++, everything else is C only.

All headers that are included by make install should be includeable from
C++ source.

> If someone could indicate how I should fix this error, I would
> be much appreciated.



> Here is the compiler error generated:
> (*** Note: I also attached the "snmpUDPDomain.c" file for
> reference)

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