(The last time I posted this, I left a wrong In-Reply-To header in, so
it was part of a thread that it shouldn't have been, so it might have
been missed.)

I, like several before me, am working towards writing a subagent that
inserts a row into a table that can be shared by several different
subagents. (Specificially, the applTable in APPLICATION-MIB, which is
basically *the* canonical poster child for this use case.)

While carefully reading past threads on the subject, and getting more
familiar with the code base, I've discovered agent/helpers/table_row.c
which implements
netsnmp_table_row_register(), and

* Helper for registering single row slices of a shared table
* $Id: table_row.c,v 5.2 2006/09/19 10:24:14 dts12 Exp $

It seems to be and claims to be a helper object for this very purpose.
It gets compiled, it gets linked into the libraries. And yet, there
is no .h file, and nothing calls it.

>From the Id, I'm guessing that Dave Shield is the coder.

Is it the start of an implementation for this use case?
Are there any test cases or example calls that I can review?

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