Need Help wrote:
> I am trying to compile the NetSNMP package into my build environment,
> however, I discovered I am using the wrong compiler. Our compiler is
> accessed by using the "$(CC)" environment variable. As a result, I am
> using the following the "./configure" options, but it seems it is using
> the "cc" compiler and not our specific compiler.
> --with-cc=$(CC)
> --with-linkcc=$(CC)
> --with-cflags=$(CFLAGS)
> --with-ldflags=$(LDFLAGS)

Setting CC, CFLAGS and/or LDFLAGS *environment* variables is enough.
There's no need to feed them to configure using --with-cc etc.

For example,

env CC=gcc ./configure ...

will cause configure to use the gcc compiler.


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at

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