I previously asked this question on irc, tanders pointed me here.

When launching snmptrapd (5.4) I get following error message:

snmptrapd[29559]: Warning: no access control information configured.
It's unlikely this agent can serve any useful purpose in this state.
Run "snmpconf -g basic_setup" to help you configure the snmptrapd.conf
file for this agent.

My snmptrapd.conf includes the directive 'disableAuthorization yes'.

The error message comes from agent/mibgroup/mibII/vacm_conf.c line 1121
that looks like:

if (MASTER_AGENT == agent_mode)

I believe this line should look like:

if ((MASTER_AGENT == agent_mode) && (strcmp(name, "snmptrapd"))

since there is a specific check handling snmptrapd and checking the
NETSNMP_DS_APP_NO_AUTHORIZATION boolean a few lines down in the code.


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