On 27/06/07, Thomas Anders wrote:
Bruce> It appears [libttol] use is deprecated for a number of
Bruce> reasons I didn't necessarily follow.

Wes> Cause it is a pain in the neck to deal with, that's why. It solves a
Wes> lot of problems and creates a bunch more...... libtool helps
Wes> simplify the creation of shared libraries in a platform independent
Wes> way. At the cost of a number of oddities.

Dave> How do these two bunches of problems compare?

Thomas> Two?

Yes - Two.

a) The bunch of problems that libtool sets out to solve.
(most notably portable production of shared libraries)

b) The bunch of problems that libtool introduces
(mostly related to version numbering, I think)

Is a) significantly greater than b), or vice versa?

Dave> Or is libtool the least worst option, and we might as well stick with it?
Thomas> I have yet to see someone proposing a solution that'd work
better for us.

Well, that's exactly the question that I'm asking.
*Is* there a realistic alternative, or not?

That's an open question - I really don't know.
But it's one worth considering properly, IMO.


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