Bruce Shaw wrote:
> Given that it appears we're stuck with it for the moment (I believe
> autoconf needs it) I'd want to have the most up-do-date version. Be
> that as it may, the last stable release here
> ( is 1.5.22. Where are you getting
> your version from?

I gave the reference ( The site
had upload problems, according to the libtool team, but 1.5.24 has now
been officially released:

> I'd prefer not to update ours until sunfreeware releases the latest
> version. If need be, I can have a talk with Steve Christensen.

That doesn't make sense to me. We ship libtool with our sources, so
what's the rationale behind waiting for a vendor to update their install
package? FWIW, still ships Net-SNMP 5.1.1 as the latest
and greatest (we've failed a number of times to push them to update), so
I doubt they're the most reliable source for judging on what's
considered recommended. ;-)


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at

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