On Thu, 24 May 2007 09:41:33 -0700 Wes wrote:
WH> >> I can always move them into the correct locations
WH> >> (since the individual flenames are correct), but it
WH> >> does look as if we should seriously consider shortening
WH> >> these names.
WH> TA> I'd be fine with that. "svn move" was one of the reasons we went SVN
WH> TA> after all.
WH> We did want to look at that.
WH> The thing that concerns me is user expectations and configuration
WH> flags that point to things that have moved. But I think more people
WH> would be impacted by broken tar problems than moved files, so I'd be
WH> in favor of moving.


If star is used, I believe it's only the windows folks that are affected.

> a) mibgroup/ip-forward-mib/inetCidrRouteTable/
> inetCidrRouteTable_data_access.{c,h}
> b) mibgroup/snmp-notification-mib/snmpNotifyFilterTable/
> snmpNotifyFilterTable* (7 files)
> c) mibgroup/snmp-usm-dh-objects-mib/usmDHUserKeyTable/
> usmDHUserKeyTable* (11 files)

I don't suppose anyone would like my idea that 'mibgroup' be moved to the top
level, instead of under agent?

Maybe s/mibgroup/mibs/?

I like the idea of having directories named after the mibs, but I guess we
could strip off the '-mib'. grumble.

Similarly, maybe s/Table/T/?

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