On Thu, 31 May 2007 20:54:48 +0100 Dave wrote:
DS> FR #592109:
DS> Traditionally, the Host Resources MIB implementation has
DS> reported NFS partitions as "fixed (local) disks", although there
DS> are options to report them correctly (or skip them altogether).
DS> * Should we consider reporting them as NFS mounts by default
DS> (with the option of reverting to the previous behaviour)?
DS> * If so, when? Main trunk (i.e. 5.5)? 5.4.1? all active branches?

I think we should report them as what they are, by default. IOW, this feels
like a bug fix, and as such is appropriate for all branches (with a nice big
warning about change of default behavior for released branches).

DS> FR #744697:
DS> A few of the command line tools (e.g. snmpdf, snmpstatus)
DS> have the necessary OIDs hardcoded into them, so don't actually
DS> need to read OIDs from the command line. However they still
DS> use the common option-processing routine, so accept the -I and
DS> -O flags, and include this information in the on-line usage message.
DS> * Is it worth suppressing this help output?
DS> * Is it worth skipping these (irrelevant) flags in the option processing?


DS> FR #755180
DS> We currently ship a stripped down version of the SNMPv2-SMI MIB
DS> (although the MIB parser does seem to cope with the full version).
DS> * Is it worth shipping the standard version?

Without any context as to why we have the stripped down version, this seems
reasonable. I'd wait to hear from Wes on this one, though.

DS> I've also implemented a few very simple "new features", which have
DS> therefore been applied to the main trunk only. Is it worth back porting
DS> any of these to the earlier lines? If so, which versions?
DS> The entries in question are:
DS> FR#722784, SVN r16441 - explicit end point for snmpwalk
DS> FR#1159947, SVN r16459 - "format execute" in snmptrapd.conf

No, these are new features.

DS> FR#851887, SVN r16448 - display valid range in "out-of-range" error
DS> FR#1041888, SVN r16449 - simple validation of config directories

These feel like bug fixes..

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