On 01/06/07, Robert Story wrote:
> DS> The MfD framework (and this framework *only*) also has the concept
> DS> of running the MIB module as a standalone agent, wrapped within a
> DS> minimal SNMP agent driver. It is unclear to me how much this
> DS> particular mode of operation reflects the "normal" agent behaviour,
> DS> and I'd rather not comment on this.
> The code is generated by mib2c-conf.d/subagent.m2c, and is completely
> independent of MfD. Now that we have subversion, maybe it should be moved up
> (and renamed *.conf) with the other conf files.
> The code is basically a stripped down copy of snmpd.c, and the intent is to
> allow for easy testing of a module as either an agentx subagent or as a normal
> snmp agent, without having to build the standard agent.
> It should be easy to adapt this conf file for use with _any_ module generated
> by mib2c.

Is there any reason for having (or continuing with) a separate mib2c
configuration mechanism for this, rather than using the existing

net-snmp-config --compile-subagent



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