On Thu, 31 May 2007 09:39:55 +0100 Dave wrote:
DS> On 30/05/07, Need Help wrote:
DS> > However, I do not want to give up on the MfD configuration just yet. I was
DS> > reading about it and it says that it is the most complete configuration file
DS> > offered and that existing MIBs are being transferred over to this new
DS> > format.
DS> *Robert* wants to see everything moved over to MfD, yes.
DS> That should not be taken as a policy statement for the project as a whole.

No, I don't actually want everything moved over to MfD. MfD is intended to
help novices implement simple mibs quickly. There are several examples in the
agent, as proof-of-concepts.

Please let us know where you got the impression that everything was being
converted, so that page can be corrected.

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