On Wed, 23 May 2007 11:13:37 -0700 (PDT) Need wrote:
NH> Now, I originally generated the code for each Table one at a time, but I found it did not generate the required .h files for each new Table.
NH> For example:
NH> I went into the ".../net-snmp-5.4/agent/mibgroup/OC-STB-HOST-MIB/ocStbHostAVInterfaceTable/" directory and issued the mib2c command for the particular "ocStbHostAVInterfaceTable" node and the code was generated into this directory for me. I tried testing with only this newly generated code and eventually was successful in getting the "ocStbHostAVInterfaceTable" data to be displayed by performing an "snmpwalk" command.
NH> ** However, during my testing I noticed the following files were "not" generated for me automatically and I had to create them:
NH> 1) .../net-snmp-5.4/agent/mibgroup/OC-STB-HOST-MIB.h
NH> 2) .../net-snmp-5.4/agent/mibgroup/OC-STB-HOST-MIB/ocStbHostAVInterfaceTable.h

That is correct. Currently those file must be hand generated.

NH> I would think I would need to update these files when I include more tables.

Correct again.

NH> Anyway, this is what got me wondering whether there was a way to generate all tables together in which these ".h" files might be created for me and so all Tables would be related together automatically.

It has been a while since I have worked on the mfd code, so I don't recall
exactly why I didn't get around to allowing a whole mib to be processed at
once. There could have been a technical problem, but it's more likely that the
funding for the project ran out, and I just haven't had any free time to
dedicate to the issues.

NH> does it real matter which way the code is generated?

Nope.. once it works, it should produce the same code..

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