On 22/05/07, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> DS> The tarball seems to include assorted '.svn' directories.
> DS> These probably ought to be stripped out as part of the release
> DS> process.
> This was caused by your usage of "svn checkout" instead of "svn
> export" in makerelease... I'll fix that. (done)

I'm tempted to look at rolling out to fix this (and similar) problems,
since they significantly hamper use of these tarballs on Windows
systems. But it's probably sensible to get 5.4.1 out (or mostly out) first.

> DS> "Pre-releases or release-candidates for upcoming publications
> DS> [No pre-releases available at this time]"
> You hit it in the 5 minute window between the announcement and the
> page update... whoops..

Yup - I suspected it was something like that :-)

Problem #3:
Now we've moved to SVN, can we perhaps address the issue of
over-long filenames. Unpacking the tarball (sans .svn directories) under
Windows gave me twenty warnings about one file overwriting another.
Closer examination showed three distinct groups:

a) mibgroup/ip-forward-mib/inetCidrRouteTable/

b) mibgroup/snmp-notification-mib/snmpNotifyFilterTable/
snmpNotifyFilterTable* (7 files)

c) mibgroup/snmp-usm-dh-objects-mib/usmDHUserKeyTable/
usmDHUserKeyTable* (11 files)

The usmDHUserKeyTable isn't too much of a problem, since this
table isn't part of a default setup. But the other clashes mean that
a default build will fail.

I'm not sure whether it's the length of the full path that's causing
the problem, or (?less likely) the length of the common prefix.
But in either case, could we perhaps look at renaming these files
so that they will unpack cleanly?


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