On 22/05/07, prijks@esgeroth.org wrote:
> In my previous example,
> snmpwalk -W foo.x.y.z foo
> Would return all OIDs between foo.x.y.z, i.e. walk the remainder of
> subtree foo, starting at foo.x.y.z
> > A more flexible approach might be to provide an explicit "endWalk" OID
> > (which defaults to the next sibling of the starting point).

> True, this would be more flexible, though I don't know if we'd ever need
> it for our usage. Typically we need to dump an entire subtree under
> enterprises, for which this approach suffices.

In fact, your example is simply a specific case of the more general
approach. Instead of

snmpwalk -W foo.x.y.z foo

(with an optional starting point), this would become

snmpwalk -CE {foo+1} foo.x.y.z

(with an optional ending point).

I haven't look at the code for your patch yet, but I suspect
that this approach ought to be simpler to implement.

The down-side is that specifying the ending point is perhaps
slightly less obvious.


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