On 22/05/07, Sandrine MONOT wrote:
> And I launch the agent with the command :
> /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg -f -Le -Dread_config
> -d localhost:7075
> I execute snmpgetnext, snmpget and snmpwalk request in another windows,
> I obtain answer, i have seen the agent send data ...

> But when i launch the agent with the command :
> /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg udp:7075
> I have an answer for snmpget, this seems to be correct.
> But the answer of snmpgetnext and snmpwalk ( after debug traces ),
> finish by :
> Timeout: No Response from localhost:7075.

When you say "finish by" - do you mean that you get some
results, followed by this timeout message? Or is this the
*only* output you get from the getnext/walk request?

If you do see some real results first, what is the last such value?

It would probably also be useful if you could indicate the *exact*
commands you are running each time - rather than something
vague like "snmpgetnext" or "snmpwalk".

> And I constate that the agent is downed !

Not necessarily.
It may be waiting for results from somewhere else, or looking
for a result that is within an authorised view. Without a clearer
description of exactly what you're trying, and exactly what you
are seeing, it's difficult to comment.

> It's normal ? the command /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c
> /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg udp:7075
> is appropriated ?

> It's the same thing with /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c
> /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg 7075

Either of those should be OK.
Just to be certain, try using the same invocation as the
debug version - but without the irrelevant flags.
I.e if things worked with

/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks .... -f -Le -Dread_config -d localhost:7075

then try with

/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks .... localhost:7075

In gnereal, if you've got something that works, it's a good idea to
change as little as possible.


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