Ok, I have understand what happen !

I have copy /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file in /usr/local/share/snmp dir.

And I launch the agent with the command :
/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg -f -Le -Dread_config =

-d localhost:7075

I execute snmpgetnext, snmpget and snmpwalk request in another windows,
I obtain answer, i have seen the agent send data ...
I will build again the agent with disable debug to check good result ....
Thanks a lot for your help !

But when i launch the agent with the command :

/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg udp:7075

I have an answer for snmpget, this seems to be correct.
But the answer of snmpgetnext and snmpwalk ( after debug traces ),
finish by :
Timeout: No Response from localhost:7075.

And I constate that the agent is downed !

It's normal ? the command /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c =

/etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg udp:7075
is appropriated ?

It's the same thing with /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c =

/etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg 7075

There is another command to launch agent ?

What is the standart command whith not debug mode ... ?

I see who set snmpd.conf in /etc/snmp dir ( it s my launcher code source )
I must adapt it or there are a solution to configure SNMPCONFPATH in =

order it contains /etc/snmp

I have try to set SNMPCONFPATH=3D/etc/snmp :
in "configure.in" file, in following line, in red line what I add

while test "x$tmpset" !=3D "x$SNMPCONFPATH"; do
eval tmpset=3D"$tmpset"

I have rebuild the agent with that but it change nothing at execution ...


Dave Shield a =E9crit :
> On 22/05/07, Sandrine MONOT wrote:
>> Usually, I use two confs files /etc/opt/FERMA/agents.cfg and
>> /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf.
>> The debug traces that i send you seem to show that snmpd.conf file is
>> not found because the file is loocked for in /usr/local/etc/snmp and
>> not in /etc/snmp

> The standard configuration when building from source is to root
> things based on /usr/local. So (for example) config files will be
> read from /usr/local/etc or /usr/local/share/snmp
> When vendors distribute the Net-SNMP software, they will often
> compile the code such that it is rooted at the top of the filesystem
> tree, and hence looks in /etc/snmp instead.
>> You are sur that the problem is not due to that ?

> Yes - this probably *is* the source of your problems
> I actually suggested this as a possibility exactly a week ago.
> Dave

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