On 22/05/07, Sandrine MONOT wrote:
> Usually, I use two confs files /etc/opt/FERMA/agents.cfg and
> /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf.
> The debug traces that i send you seem to show that snmpd.conf file is
> not found because the file is loocked for in /usr/local/etc/snmp and
> not in /etc/snmp

The standard configuration when building from source is to root
things based on /usr/local. So (for example) config files will be
read from /usr/local/etc or /usr/local/share/snmp

When vendors distribute the Net-SNMP software, they will often
compile the code such that it is rooted at the top of the filesystem
tree, and hence looks in /etc/snmp instead.

> You are sur that the problem is not due to that ?

Yes - this probably *is* the source of your problems
I actually suggested this as a possibility exactly a week ago.


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