>>>>> "NG" == Noah Gift writes:

NG> On this subject, do you think it would be possible to decouple the
NG> net-SNMP core and the python bindings at all? The reason I ask is
NG> that the preferred python module installation method is to use
NG> something called "easy_install" which is somewhat similar to CPAN
NG> with Perl.

The python module is, as you know, bound to the Net-SNMP internal
library... So you need it on the system to be able to compile and
install the python module (this binding is what gives such a speed
improvement; early tests resulted in about a 10x increase over the
other SNMP python modules).

But, the module itself does not need to be in the source directory of
net-snmp to build and install (unless I'm wrong, of course).

If you have a patch you think would help the module either in how it
works or how it is built, please do submit it to our patch database!!!


NG> The other weird error issue that I already posted is when I try to get
NG> a Mac Address by using something like:

NG> var = netsnmp.Varbind('ipNetToMediaPhysAddress')

NG> I get back what appears to be an Octal String and not a Hex String and
NG> the : is substituted with /

hmm... that does seem odd. Giovanni is probably the best person to
answer this question, but I suspect he's busy till at least next week.

Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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