On 21/05/07, Sandrine MONOT wrote:
> effectively, I use the master snmp agent of solaris ( i launch it with
> /etc/init.d/init.sma )

Don't worry about the solaris agent just yet.
Concentrate on getting the Net-SNMP agent working first.

> Before all, I want to say you that I have some changes when i launch my
> agent :
> /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -p 7075 -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg
> Illegal Instruction

If you're using version 5.4, then the command should probably be

/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg udp:7075

> I have change two things: 1) in MakefileAgent I have add libnetsnmpmibs
> lib in libnetsmpagent lib build,
> like is done with makefile
> agent of ucd-snmp sources ...

You shouldn't need to touch the Makefile at all.

Can you try again, with a completely clean setup, and building
from a standard source tree. I.e. a bog-standard:

configure ; make ; make install

I wouldn't risk trying more complex stuff until you're confident that
the basic installation works reliably.


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