Good morning Dave,

effectively, I use the master snmp agent of solaris ( i launch it with =

/etc/init.d/init.sma )

I get this solaris master agent on the side, and I keep only net-snmp =

5.4 agent problem.

Before all, I want to say you that I have some changes when i launch my =

agent :

/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -p 7075 -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg
Illegal Instruction

I don't kown how explain this, I can't find again the previous result ...

I have change two things: 1) in MakefileAgent I have add libnetsnmpmibs =

lib in libnetsmpagent lib build,
like is done with makefile =

agent of ucd-snmp sources ...
2) I have done a gmake install =

in root under net-snmp-5.4 which replace libnetsnmp.a and
under /usr/local/lib ...


Like you have ask me, I have simplify the /etc/snmpd/snmpd.conf file, =

see follow :

rocommunity public
rwcommunity netman

# Ferma Agent CHECKSYS
proxy -v 1 -c netman localhost:7075 .

I have not change when I execute the commands:

/opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -p 7075 -c /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg
Illegal Instruction

launch agent failed !

remarques :
On the solaris 10 machine with ucd-snmp sources : under /usr/local/lib, =

I find : libucdagent.a


Here on x86 machine with net-snmp sources : under /usr/local/lib, I =

doesn't found : libnetsnmpagent.a


the gmake install command root only set libnetsnmp.a and =

library ...

Sorry to disturb you last time, but I thounk what we don' t understand =

between us ...


Dave Shield a =E9crit :
> I've just read through the whole of this thread once again,
> and am feeling somewhat confused as to exactly what you
> are trying to do.
> The impression that I get is that you are trying to hook up
> the Net-SNMP (v5.4) agent together with some other SNMP
> agent - presumably the native Solaris one. Is this correct?
> If so, then I would suggest that you start by simplifying things
> a bit, and *just* work with the Net-SNMP agent initially.
> There's no point in trying to get the two working together
> until you're confident that they work properly independently.
> I'd also suggest that you work with as simple 'snmpd.conf'
> file as possible. Probably something like
> rocommunity public
> rwcommunity netman
> to start with, and then extend it once the basic operation
> is working.
>> I execute the command:
>> /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -f -Le -Dread-config -c
>> /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg 7075

> Argghh! I *hate* those debug tokens.
> My fault - that should have been "-Dread_config"
> (underscore, rather than hyphen).
> That should then display the location(s) of the config files
> that are being read in, and the exact config lines as they
> are processed.
> Try running with that config, and see whether you can
> query the Net-SNMP agent.
> If not, please report back:
> a) the exact "snmpd" command you ran
> b) the full debug output of this command
> (preferably as an attachment, rather than inline)
> and
> c) the exact "snmpget" or "snmpwalk" command(s)
> that you used to test things.
> That should give sufficient information to help you get
> things working again.
> Dave

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