On 21/05/07, Siva Prakash Reddy G wrote:
> 1. How subagents will register with Master Agent.

Just register the MIB modules as normal.
The agent framework will recognise that this is running as an
AgentX subagent, and forward the registrations to the master.

> 2. How to configure Master Agent and subagents.

The subagents won't need any special config (apart from any
settings that the individual MIB modules might require).

The master agent is set up as normal, but with one extra directive:

master agentx

> 3. If i am having parallel OID's, i mean if same oid's having
> subagents, how Master agent register the subagents.

When the subagents register with the master, they should specify
an appropriate context string. That context can then be used by the
master agent to distinguish between these subagents, and decide
which subagent to direct a particular incoming request on to.

You can specify the context directly with SNMPv3 (using -n),
or map from community strings to particular contexts in the
snmpd.file. I believe we've already explained the details of how
to do this in the earlier thread.

Please note that using AgentX instead of proxies will still not
allow you to query the same OID from two different subagents
in the same request. That is simply not possible with SNMP.


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