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On 13/05/07, cpnr Reddy wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for your reply. We have a different subagent which is not based on
> AgentX. We do not use the ifTable implementation that comes along with the
> net-snmp. What all we need is instance registration for ifTable ie., for
> selective interfaces and similaryly for the other tables. In the handler we
> do take care of the protocol changes. Is table instance cannot be done? If
> there is any other way please let us know ...

If you're implementing things as individual instances, then you're
probably best off not treating this as a table at all (at least as far as
registration is concerned).

The simplest approach might be to use 'netsnmp_register_instance' - either
for each instance individually or possibly in conjunction with the 'range_subid'
and 'range_ubound' fields of the registration structure. See the AgentX
specs for an explanation of this latter approach.
(I know you said you're not actually using AgentX, but the same model
has been adopted for the Net-SNMP agent more generally).


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