On 18/05/07, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> >>>>> "DS" == Dave Shield writes:

> DS> The revision that I submitted implemented support for these two
> DS> tokens, following the same model as the previous code. What's
> DS> the problem about that - as compared to switching to a completely
> DS> different style of coding?
> Sorry, I thought you were complaining about the original patch, not
> the update to the .xs file...

No - it was Thomas that was complaining.
First about the original patch ('cos it broke the build) and then about my fix
('cos it was hand-crafted rather than automatically generated).

But you know my feelings about trusting computers....

If you wish to update everything to the new style, go ahead.
I don't see why it's necessary, personally - it ain't broke, so why
fix it? But I'm not that bothered either way.


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