On 18/05/07, Need Help wrote:
> Trying to learn NetSnmp, I was reading through the following tutorial:
> http://www.net-snmp.org/tutorial/tut...mib/index.html
> This tutorial relates to the ifTable MIB

Actually, this tutorial really relates to the MfD framework, using the
ifTable as an example. This framework is only one of a number of
possible mechanisms for implementing MIB modules.
The style of code is very different to most of the other approaches
(which I'm personally both more familiar and confortable with), so I
think I'll leave Robert to assist you with this one.

The one thing that I do wonder about is whether this tutorial includes
the VACM modules which are normally responsible for access control.
With a standard agent setup, if the VACM modules aren't present,
then the agent wouldn't respond to any requests.

I'm not knowledgeable enough about the MfD way of working to
comment as to whether this is still the case here. But that would
be my immediate suspicion. I'll now hand over to Robert to provide
facts rather than speculation....

Alternatively, you might wish to consider using the standard Net-SNMP
agent, rather than this stripped-down MIB-specific setup.


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