On 16/05/07, Robert Story wrote:
> didn't we already have '--with-ld'?

Doesn't look like it, no.
There's "--with-ldflags" but not "--with-ld".

On Tue, 15 May 2007 00:10:31 +0200 Thomas wrote:
> Looking at automake, however, the standard variable
> for this seems to be CCLD instead

Looks like it, yes.
Though I note that python seems to use --with-ld as well.

> Should we switch to CCLD / --with-ccld?

Given that we've released 5.4 using --with-ld, then I'm
inclined to stick with that.
Possibly look at supporting both in 5.5 and above,
but we shouldn't withdraw this now.


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