On 18/05/07, Need Help wrote:
> When I execute the "snmpwalk" command, it no longer has a problem with the
> syntax used (as was my original problem), but instead it now produces the
> following response after waiting two second or so:
> "Timeout: No Response from localhost:1161"
> Any idea why this timeout might be occurring?

What is in the config file?
If you're not sure which config file(s) are being read in,
try adding "-Dread_config" when starting the agent.

> I am using "1161" because
> that is what was in the tutorial. Am I making a dumb mistake by simply
> using this "1161" value or should it work for me on my system?

That ought to work - as long as whatever you specify when starting
the agent matches the destination in the snmpwalk command.


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