I've just read through the whole of this thread once again,
and am feeling somewhat confused as to exactly what you
are trying to do.
The impression that I get is that you are trying to hook up
the Net-SNMP (v5.4) agent together with some other SNMP
agent - presumably the native Solaris one. Is this correct?

If so, then I would suggest that you start by simplifying things
a bit, and *just* work with the Net-SNMP agent initially.
There's no point in trying to get the two working together
until you're confident that they work properly independently.

I'd also suggest that you work with as simple 'snmpd.conf'
file as possible. Probably something like

rocommunity public
rwcommunity netman

to start with, and then extend it once the basic operation
is working.

> I execute the command:
> /opt/FERMA/sbin/agtcks -f -Le -Dread-config -c
> /etc/opt/FERMA/agent.cfg 7075

Argghh! I *hate* those debug tokens.

My fault - that should have been "-Dread_config"
(underscore, rather than hyphen).

That should then display the location(s) of the config files
that are being read in, and the exact config lines as they
are processed.

Try running with that config, and see whether you can
query the Net-SNMP agent.

If not, please report back:
a) the exact "snmpd" command you ran
b) the full debug output of this command
(preferably as an attachment, rather than inline)
c) the exact "snmpget" or "snmpwalk" command(s)
that you used to test things.

That should give sufficient information to help you get
things working again.


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