On 18/05/07, Need Help wrote:
> This is because the data can change so I can not simply load it
> one time when the "container_load" procedure is called at the start.

> ** I guess I am assuming that the "container_load" procedure only gets
> called one time at the start.... Is this correct?

The idea here is that the agent will hold a local cached copy of
the table data, which it can use to handle incoming requests
(rather than reloading the data afresh every time).
This cache has a "timeout" associated with it. If a request
arrives and the cache is too old (i.e. the age is greater than
the timeout), then the 'container_load' routine will be called
again to re-read an up-to-date version of the table data.

That's certainly how the cache helper works in general.
I'd be surprised if the MfD framework did something different.


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