Thank you very much Dave for you are constant help.

In my Master agent I have configured the
snmpd.conf file for proxy settings, as shown in the below.
# sec.name source community

com2sec notConfigUser default
com2sec ConfigUser default
com2sec -Cn modemHost1 remHost1 public
com2sec -Cn modemHost2 remHost2 public

# groupName securityModel securityName

group notConfigGroup v1 notConfigUser
group notConfigGroup v2c notConfigUser
group ConfigGroup v1 ConfigUser
group ConfigGroup v2c ConfigUser
group remHost1 usm remoteHost1
group remHost2 usm remoteHost2

view systemview included .1.3.6
view systemview included .
view systemview included .

access notConfigGroup "" any noauth exact
systemview none none
access ConfigGroup "" any noauth exact
systemview systemview none
access remHost1 modemHost1 usm noauth exact
systemview none none
access remHost2 modemHost2 usm noauth exact
systemview none none

proxy -Cn modemhost1 -v2c -c public
proxy -Cn modemhost2 -v2c -c public

if any thing wrong please let know.

but when I walk throu MIB-Browser I am not getting any values. I
am using MG-SOFT (snmpv1), which works as Manager, Do I need to
configure any thing in the manager part, but my manager is working in

If I am using context name in the master agent, how come manager
will come to know from which subagent he got request, when I do walk
operation. How manager will identify the subagents.

can I get brief explanation regarding this.

With Regards.
G.Siva Prakash Reddy.

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On 10/05/07, Siva Prakash Reddy G wrote:
> There are 3 modems which behaves as subagents, I
> need to retrive the values of above mentioned OID's from the 3 modems
> using proxy settings. That means, I am trying to get the values of
> same OID's from the 3 different modems ( subagents ).
> Now tell me, how to configure my Master agent. Hope
> this clear to understand.Tell me how to configure my Master agent

with out
> using "Context name".

You can't - you've got to use contexts internally to distinguish between
the three parallel registrations. See the recent thread entitled "Proxy
question" on the -users list (initiated by Byron Schlemmer on Apr 26)
for more details.

I've just realised that you've already been asking the same question in
different thread. I suggested then that you try with a more recent
of the code. The snmpd.conf file that you posted looks basically
but it's quite likely that the 5.1.x line doesn't include the necessary

If you're still using this old code, please upgrade and try again.


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