On Wed, 9 May 2007 11:33:04 -0400 Passera wrote:
PPA> There are two scenarios, that I am thinking, when the agent can trigger
PPA> a discovery.
PPA> 1) When the session is opened.
PPA> 2) When an inform is about to be sent and the session engineID is NULL.
PPA> For the first option, to make the discovery asynchronously does not
PPA> seems to be very difficult. The session can still be created and then
PPA> when the report is received the session engineID can be filled.
PPA> However, for option 2, the inform should be delegated until the report
PPA> with the engineID is received. Something like the current proxy
PPA> implementation should be used. What do you think?

Sounds reasonable.

PPA> Also, another scenario to consider is, what happened if an inform is
PPA> sent to that session that is waiting for the discovery response? Another
PPA> discovery should be triggered or in someway the session should indicate
PPA> that it is waiting for the discovery response.

I think it should wait for the first response, but that would probably mean
more complicated code..

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