On 11/05/07, Thomas Anders wrote:
> Dave Shield wrote:
> > OK - I think I've submitted an appropriate fix for the 5.2.x and 5.3.x lines.
> > This follows the coding style of the previous (inadvertently deleted) code,
> > rather than the newer structure of the 5.4.x line.

> Did you copy-n-paste manually? Isn't this code meant to be fully
> auto-generated (by "gen")?

a) I don't know - ask Wes.
b) The 5.4.x version seems to be auto-generated.
There's no indication that the equivalent code in the earlier lines were.
c) The Luddite in me suspects that running "gen" might have been the
cause of the problem in the first place.
d) If you want to replace this patch with gen-generated code, go right ahead.
e) If the code works, who cares?


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