On 10/05/07, Siva Prakash Reddy G wrote:
> There are 3 modems which behaves as subagents, I need
> to retrive the values of above mentioned OID's from the 3 modems using
> proxy settings. That means, I am trying to get the values of same
> OID's from the 3 different modems ( subagents ).
> Now tell me, how to configure my Master agent. Hope this
> clear to understand.Tell me how to configure my Master agent with out
> using "Context name".

You can't - you've got to use contexts internally to distinguish between the
three parallel registrations. See the recent thread entitled "Proxy question"
on the -users list (initiated by Byron Schlemmer on Apr 26) for more details.

I've just realised that you've already been asking the same question in a
different thread. I suggested then that you try with a more recent version
of the code. The snmpd.conf file that you posted looks basically correct,
but it's quite likely that the 5.1.x line doesn't include the necessary support.

If you're still using this old code, please upgrade and try again.


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