Thanks once again for replaying

My OIDS are like this 1)

The above mentioned OID's are single index table
OID's. There are other table which contains dual index.

There are 3 modems which behaves as subagents, I need
to retrive the values of above mentioned OID's from the 3 modems using
proxy settings. That means, I am trying to get the values of same
OID's from the 3 different modems ( subagents ).

Now tell me, how to configure my Master agent. Hope this
clear to understand.Tell me how to configure my Master agent with out
using "Context name".

With Regards.
G.Siva Prakash Reddy.

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On 09/05/07, Siva Prakash Reddy G wrote:
> Can any body give example of writing proxy part in the
> configuration file( snmpd.conf ), by taking 3 subagents as an example.

But what exactly do you need the three subagents to report?

The simplest configuration would be something like:

proxy -v 1 -c public remhost1 .
proxy -v 1 -c public remhost2 .
proxy -v 1 -c public remhost3 .

which would direct requests for the system group to 'remhost1', requests
for the interfaces group to 'remhost2' and requests for the Host
Resources group to 'remhost3'.

I somehow doubt that this is what you have in mind, but something a
little more concrete would be useful.


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