On 10/05/07, Magnus Fromreide wrote:
> I have a couple of patches which I think would be good to add, does
> anyone have any comments?

The first two look definite shoo-ins, the third seems plausible, though
I'd need to examine the context more carefully to be sure.

But I wouldn't worry about asking for permission to make such changes.
You wouldn't have write access if we didn't trust your judgement. If you've
got this sort of fix, go ahead and apply it. We'll let you know soon enough
if you get it wrong :-)

Obviously, things are a little different when we're leading up to a new
release. Once we've issued the first "pre-release" on a particular
branch, that marks the start of a gradual code freeze on that line.
The formal policy is described at

But outside that, there's no real need to discuss anything bar the more
controversial or significant changes (which wouldn't normally be
appropriate for anything other than the main development trunk anyway)


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