Dave, thanks for your answer.

There are two scenarios, that I am thinking, when the agent can trigger
a discovery.

1) When the session is opened.
2) When an inform is about to be sent and the session engineID is NULL.

For the first option, to make the discovery asynchronously does not
seems to be very difficult. The session can still be created and then
when the report is received the session engineID can be filled.

However, for option 2, the inform should be delegated until the report
with the engineID is received. Something like the current proxy
implementation should be used. What do you think?

Also, another scenario to consider is, what happened if an inform is
sent to that session that is waiting for the discovery response? Another
discovery should be triggered or in someway the session should indicate
that it is waiting for the discovery response.

Any thoughts?


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> > Did someone try to modify the code to do engineID discovery
> > asynchronously?

> Not so far. Be our guest....
> > Is there a some reason why the discovery is being done

> synchronously?
> a) It's a lot easier that way :-)
> b) Sessions are typically opened when the agent first starts up,
> before it starts listening for incoming requests.
> c) This code is at least eight years old (see SVN revision 2480)
> How on earth do you expect us to remember decisions made
> (probably subconsiously) so long ago? :-)
> Dave

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